Solar Pumping Systems

  • fe-select

    Solar Selector

    Our solar selection software is an integral tool to sizing and
    selecting the proper solar water pumping system for each project.
  • photon

    FHOTON Solar Pumping Systems

    Often used for remote livestock watering,
    ranches, cabins, irrigation, water transfer needs.
  • hieff

    High Efficiency Solar

    Larger solar pumping systems designed for
    high volume irrigation and agriculture needs.
  • subdrive

    SubDrive Solar

    A Solar drive with integrated A/C backup power, by the grid or a generator.
    Solar power with backup, you can run all night if necessary.

Experience Franklin

Water is essential to all forms of life. In many remote locations around the world, traditional power is unavailable or unreliable to power a submersible pump and motor. Franklin Electric is committed to developing new systems for renewable energy, relying on our proven system technologies.

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